Future Living Systems

EBESS pursues innovations that reconceptualize the physical systems of the built environment, together with the processes by which these systems are delivered and the ways environments of the future interact with individuals, organizations, and societies. Research focuses on buildings, cities, and transportation networks as multi-scalar, cyber-physical systems, where digital data, simulation, manufacturing, delivery, and operations are conceptualized as seamlessly integrated physical, digital, energy, process, and human systems. Key research areas include:

Design and Engineering Automation

Enabling rapid, large-scale, mass customized building system solutions that can solve localized project requirements in the context of overall project and production efficiencies.

Advanced and Smart Materials

New material solutions that seamlessly fuse both macroscale building system and nanoscale material developments, including embedded microprocessor and intelligent response capabilities.

Modular and Manufactured Systems

These draw on integrated digital/ physical system strategies to develop automatable “kit of parts” solutions to mass customized building. Modular systems strategies integrate parametric, automated, and optimized design and engineering, design-for-fabrication methodologies, and integrated building performance, distribution, and data systems engineering together with manufacturing and supply chain system engineering.

Example of new material used in modular design
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